New Student Subunit within NASPS-Consider Running for Office

Dear Students:

The North American Sturgeon and Paddlefish Society (NASPS) has recently approved the foundation of a Student Subunit to act within NASPS and promote the education, collaboration, and communication of sturgeon and paddlefish conservation among college students. This is your chance to become involved in a new and exciting opportunity and be part of the first ever group of officers. The officer positions include: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 4 Governing Board members at large. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to nominate themselves or others. Specific roles associated with each position can be found in the Constitution document (draft) attached to this email. In order for you to submit your nomination for any one of these positions, you will need to be registered as a full-time college student AND be registered as a NASPS member by the time you submit your nomination package. Nominations should include the following information:


1. Name

2. University

3. Degree sought and year of study (e.g., 1st year Masters Student)

4. Position of interest

5. Picture of yourself

6. Biography: In a paragraph (<250 words), describe your work related to sturgeons and paddlefish, including the species with which you are working; and what you would like to contribute to the Subunit.


This information will be useful for student members to review when voting for candidates to fill the 8 elected positions. Please send you biography to David Deslauriers ( before the deadline of Friday, September 11th.