Request for Photos and Videos for a NASPS World Fish Migration Day Outreach Video

The NASPS Student Subunit is putting together an outreach video for World Fish Migration Day ( The video will focus on the importance of open rivers to sturgeons & paddlefish. 


The Student Subunit is hoping to include a "full migration" as the focus of the video and are looking for relevant videos/pictures that could be included. If you have any high-quality videos or pictures of sturgeon/paddlefish migrating, spawning, passing dams via fishways/lifts, or young sturgeon/paddlefish using riverine habitat that you would be willing to share NASPS would greatly appreciate it! 


Please send pictures or videos (preferably raw video clips) to by Friday, March 23rd. If your file is too large to send via email please let the Student Subunit know, and  you will receive instructions on how to upload the file to the Student Subunit Google Drive. Also please include the name and affiliation for the person/group responsible for the content so credit may be given appropriately. 


If you have any questions, please contact the Student Subunit at:

Thank you for your help!